You pay a lot of money to the insurance company to cover your expenses if you have a crash. So, it would be ideal if they simply paid you what you need when you are actually involved in a crash, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not how it always happens. In far too many cases, insurance companies simply don’t give you the payment you’re entitled to. In other cases, it’s the other driver’s insurance company that owes you money, in which case, it falls outside the scope of your insurer’s obligation.

In both situations, a personal injury lawyer can help. Let’s look at how.

When Your Car Insurance Company Doesn’t Offer What You’re Owed

Insurance policies can be complex. Understanding policy limits and dealing with insurance representatives is challenging, especially in the aftermath of a crash. It’s very common for an injured person to receive an offer from their insurer and immediately accept it. They may not even realize they have the option to negotiate.

Insurance companies have a well-earned reputation for not giving injured people the full amount they’re owed. If you’ve been seriously injured, that means you could end up paying for many of your expenses out of pocket, even if you have insurance.

To ensure you’re getting the full amount you can receive from your auto policy, an attorney can review the expenses your facing, review your policy, and advocate on your behalf. This means you can focus on your recovery while maximizing the money you get from your auto insurer.

When the Other Driver’s Insurer Owes You Money

In many car accident cases, a negligent party is at least partially responsible for the crash and the resulting injuries. That means their insurance company owes you compensation for the costs of the crash and the injuries you’ve suffered.

Though your own auto insurance policy might cover some of your expenses, the burden should be on the at-fault driver and their insurer to give you the money you deserve. However, insurance companies are skilled at mitigating their policyholder’s liability and denying responsibility for covering your costs.

An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to counter the arguments the insurance company makes to deny liability and build the strongest case possible for maximum compensation. This involves gathering evidence, preparing arguments, filing documents on time, consulting expert witnesses, and negotiating with the insurance companies involved.

Without an attorney handling your claim, you’re more likely to get an inadequate offer from the insurance company.

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney

Working with a lawyer gives you an advantage in many different aspects of your claim and your recovery, including:

Understanding the True Value of Your Claim

Attorneys know how to accurately estimate the full value of a claim, including medical expenses, lost wages, future medical care, and non-economic damages like pain and suffering, which injured people may not fully account for.

Experience with Legal Procedures and Terminology

Personal injury lawyers understand the procedural rules and legal jargon that can be confusing or overwhelming to laypeople, ensuring that injured victims do not jeopardize their claim due to technical errors or misunderstandings.

Objective Viewpoint on Your Case

Working with an attorney on your case ensures that you have a compassionate yet objective advisor who can make clear-headed decisions about your case, especially when you might be dealing with emotional trauma, physical pain, or stress following a crash.

Contingency Fee Basis

Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning clients do not pay unless they win their case. This aligns the lawyer’s interests with the client’s success and removes the risk of upfront legal fees for the injured party.

Dealing with the Aftermath of a Denial

Lawyers can offer many strategies for dealing with a claim denial or lowball offer from the insurance company. They can appeal insurance decisions and represent clients in arbitration or court, if necessary.

Negotiating with Healthcare Providers

Your attorney can also negotiate with healthcare providers to lower the costs of medical bills, which can maximize the amount of compensation you receive.

Preventing Unnecessary Delays

An attorney can help move your case along quickly, preventing unnecessary delays in the claims process by promptly filing paperwork, following up with insurance adjusters, and pushing for a timely resolution.

Access to Resources

In many cases, a personal injury lawyer will also have access to a network of investigators and expert witnesses who can strengthen your case, from reconstructing the accident to providing medical expertise.

If You’ve Been Injured in a Crash, Hire a Lawyer to Protect Your Interests

There’s a lot at stake if you suffer serious injuries in a crash. If you don’t have someone advocating for your rights to compensation, you could end up facing many financial challenges to cover all your expenses.

If you’ve been injured and are considering your legal options, reach out to an experienced personal injury lawyer and schedule a free consultation. You can discuss your case with them and get a better idea of what you might be owed by the insurance company.

The Huntsville personal injury lawyers at Tyler Mann Injury Law have years of experience standing up for clients and getting them maximum compensation. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.